Journey through Yellowstone

The Yellowstone National Park is a vivid scenery of landscapes, geysers, and hot springs. The colorful alpine tundra, valleys, and the Yellowstone river support much wildlife and plant communites.

Many animals roam the dramatic terrain such as the Bison, Grizzly Bear, and the Gray wolf. The Yellowstone River is also the natural habitat of the Cut Throat Trout, food for migrating birds such as Sandhill Cranes, Herons and Bald Eagles which nest in the Lodgepole Pines.

Also Butterflies feed on flowering plants, including the Sulfur Paint Brush plant with yellow flowers that carpet the valleys in summer.

The Mammoth Hot Springs.

These Upper and Lower terraces show a magnificent display of colored formations as Hot Spring waters flow from the hillside down to the Boiling River.

Hotwater running over limestone terraces dissolve the rock and create amazing outlooks of chalky colored surfaces. This multi colored growth of bacteria becomes incased in Travertine.

The Geysers

'Old Faithfull', is the most famous of the Thermal wonders! Smaller Geysers such as Castle, Daisey, and Grand, make for spectacular sites to photograph.

My Yellowstone exhibit centers on the Mammoth Hotsprings and Yellowstone Canyon.

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