Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

The largest of tidal salt marshes of Eastern North America follows the State of Delaware's inland coastline. Bombay Hook is the ideal natural habitat to view wildlife, especially breeding and migrating birds. This managed environment has ideal road and trail areas that include fresh water habitat.

Many Photographers explore the natural beauty of the landscape. During the day, bird watchers look for many species of wildlife, some camouflaged so well in the marsh areas. In the migration season large flocks such as the Snow Geese blanket the sky as they come into feed.

At dusk Egrets flock and settle at the water edge to sleep, the visual look of birds in silhouette create dramatic landscape views at sunset, beauty as the light fades, nature creates such pastel colors to enhance sky views.

My photography illustrates the natural beauty of the landscape sky views and wildlife, a moment captured in time of Avocet, Egrets and Snow Geese feeding in the marshes. Large flocks of Snow Geese in mid day flight.

Enjoy my gallery 'Colorful Bombay Hook'.