Trees and Leaves

Walking with my camera along the park trails of North America I’m often overwhelmed with the beauty of trees in meadow, mountain, and lake environments in the changing seasons.

In autumn the brilliant colors inspire photography of trees and leaves that are rich in shades of greenish yellows and reddish browns. At season’s end trees are bare to display beautiful bark textures of brown grey shades contrasting with the colorful sky and fallen leaves that carpet forest floors.

Early winter scenes on the trails entice eyes upward at the tall trees. Dramatic shapes of branches reaching skyward hold beauty against blue sky. The fall of winter snow creates opportunity to capture ice covered trees in beautiful settings.

Spring brings rich green growth which encourages taking close up images of leaf buds and blossoms. This allows me to be creative in an art photo style with new leaf growth. I like to visit lakeside environments and enjoy photographing reflections of nature’s beauty of water-mirrored scenes of flora.

Summer opens trails in early morning and evening light for photography of trees in National and State parks. I find midday is best to capture images in deep forest. Heavy leaf covered stands of trees are illuminated in refracted light highlighting ground cover in forest landscapes. The marsh wetland areas of rich green colors beside embankment of trees are ideal settings to create panoramas. The warmer weather and longer summer days encourage more photography trips.

Enjoy my images of trees in all seasons, my gallery ‘Trees and Leaves’.