About Graeme Simpson

I began my career as a landscape nature wildlife photographer in 1976 at the New Zealand government's National Publicity Studios. Its founding purpose was to promote the natural beauty of Aotearoa New Zealand, and create a historical record of the land and its people. From 1985, I continued my photography in private business, completing government contracts in New Zealand and Australia.

In 2009, I moved to the United States with my American wife to experience the vast North American continent. As a naturalized US Citizen, I continue to capture images of the beautiful parks and wildlife refuges including landscapes and fauna and flora, to promote and encourage conservation.

Graeme Simpson Images

The website highlights links to the official donation pages of active conservation organizations such as nature and wildlife refuges. I want to promote their causes and campaigns, particularly to restore and expand habitats and ecosystems, and re-introduce native plants and wildlife.

Conservation advocacy

In 2023, I decided to restructure the website to widen the focus on conservation advocacy to include social media. Working with web designer Peter Simpson, GSI will add audio and video discussions and interviews, and stories about nature wildlife and photography using social media such as YouTube, Spotify, and other media streaming platforms.