Photographer Graeme Simpson

I am a New Zealander presently in the United States camera in hand, after many years successfully operating photography businesses in Australia and New Zealand. Enjoying the journey visiting amazing sites of color and beauty! Many visits in the company of landscape and wildlife photographers, sharing their favorite State and National Parks and wilderness areas.

My Website

Presenting my photo collections featuring landscapes, wildlife parks, forests, and gardens. I have a personal interest in specialist collections relating to fauna and flora, including nature and wildlife publications. I find many of my collections center on the wealth of small and large creatures of the North American continent.

It is encouraging to see the many new and ongoing conservation projects within the United States, especially the continued support of last resort refuge centers for nature and wildlife. My way to support organizations that carry out these projects, is to highlight links to their donations pages on my Contributions page.

My innovative web designer Peter Simpson continues to find creative and original ways to present media; listening to how I want to tell my stories, express my vision, and how I capture the natural world with my camera.